2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jess!
    I just wanted leave a note of thanks for my darling SVE gift, it is so appreciated and already happy in its new home on my sofa. I already have plans for the binding for a dress for my daughter. I also teach English (as a new language) and live by the beach, (sadly in cold, snowy winter right now) so maybe Ute and Sanae put us together for a reason. Your little ones are adorable. Thank you again for your thoughtful gift, I realized after submitting that I gave very little to go by in my description of myself, but you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Hello Jess
    I had to chuckle when i arrived home today to your SVE gift after being in AU for two months. the last 10 days we spent up your way and were in Coloundra, Sunshine Beach, Noosa, and back in the Hinterlands camping in Bunya National Park! why i could have stopped by for tea and we could have talked about where you buy your Nani Iro and such…oh how i love Nani Iro! that one is a beut!the chocolates came thru unscathed, however i dont think they will be around for long 🙂 I love to drink tea and knit so i will share a cup with you in spirit when i brew up the special tea you sent.
    I think i am going to make a small neck scarf of the yummy silk you sent. it is to yummy not to make something I can wear next to my skin out of it. it is so beautiful…
    It is so fun to participate in this exchange of love and beauty. the world needs more of this…thank you for sharing with me…all the best
    Kate Maxfield

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