Hello Plantain, you scooped delight

Once I’d discovered that t-shirts weren’t the enemy, I went on the prowl for some alternatives. Turns out that there are lots of free t-shirt patterns out there, and one of the stars is the Deer and Doe Plantain Tee.

It has several points of difference from the Carine, including a scoop neck, sleeve length variations, and a more fitted bust with flared hip.

Using more cotton lycra from the Spotlight clearance table, I made up v1 in a straight size 44. Honestly, what a winner. Although the scoop had potential to be NSFW, the neck band is snug enough to keep it well tacked to my chest. My students loved the animals, but not so much when I said it reminded me of them…

No boobs on show #winning

I have a well documented dislike of anything that clings to my midsection, so the flair is a winner in my books too. It can still be tucked in to jeans etc, so versatility 10/10.


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