Hello Carine, you free and socially responsible treasure

Weird fact, I don’t wear t-shirts. I once went to Google HQ, and they had this super-exclusive-only-employees-and-special-guests merch, including a tonne of t-shirts. The rest of the group I was with went nuts for them, and I bought the pencils.

The reason I don’t usually wear tees are because of the shape. Neck too high, sleeves too boxy, massive boob drag lines. Buy a women’s shirt, they cry! But no! Too tight around my middle, too narrow in the shoulder.

Obviously, I needed to do something about my fairly unfortunate #firstworldproblem. A couple of years ago I stumbled across a huge pile of cotton lycra in an op shop, and it has been languishing in the stash ever since. A well fitting tee would help me put a dent in that stash, so meet Carine. A free download from Elbe Textiles, Carine, “is a cropped t-shirt with a scoop neck, short sleeves and a shaped hemline ending below the waist and above the hips. Fitted around the bust and cut straight down, sitting away from the waist.”

Version 1 I made from a lovely cotton lycra with plenty of stretch from The Remnant Warehouse. Note the stripe matching #humblebrag. From a construction perspective, it’s quick and simple; I used my overlocker for everything but the double-needle stitching around the neck band and hem. The finished result, including that gorgeously shaped hemline, is top shelf. I found the shoulder seam to be a smidge too far back for me, but I should default to a forward shoulder adjustment anyway. My neckband isn’t crash hot, but perfection is the enemy of happiness, they say.

While it’s not a crop, I do need to be aware of not lifting my arms up too far, lest I flash some belly. It’s absolutely perfect under my York Pinafores though, and I love it with jeans. Once I figure out how to sort my shoulder seam issue, there will be many, many more of these.


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