Hello Me Made May 19, you inspirational month of magic!

Honestly, I have dozens of blog posts drafted, but this is the one that will get the ball rolling again.

It’s ten years since Zoe started this frenzy of thoughtful wearing and creation of gap-filling garments, and I’ve participated in the past few, although I tend to lose instagramming momentum after a week or so…

My pledge this year isn’t following the general trend of sustainable sewing which seems to be a common theme. Instead, my pledge is to sew and wear for mood shifting. I sew for distraction and to refocus. I wear items that reaffirm how I want to present myself, and how I want to feel about myself. My pledge this year is about making and wearing clothes that change my attitude.

I fully appreciate that I am saying this as a privileged white woman. I need to give some thought (and action) as to how I will also use my good fortune to be an ally to a marginalised person or group.

If you want to see what I’m wearing today, head over to Instagram


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