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So, I’m heading to Melbourne for a conference in a few weeks, and I need something to wear. I hate being cold, but I have the wardrobe of beach dweller. Fortunately, I was invited to participate in the Show your Stoff Blog Tour, hosted by Mahlica Designs and featuring Zierstoff sewing patterns. Zierstoff are a German pattern company, and they have an extensive collection for women and children, many of which have a European flavour to them. Unlike other European designers, pricing is AUD-friendly, especially with the Show your Stoff discount…


Zierstoff gave me the Tabea pattern in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

I chose the Tabea Dress, which while simple, is versatile. Two sleeve options, two neckline options, straight skirt, elastic waist – a great beginner pattern. I chose it not only because I had my Melbourne trip in mind, but also because it has a couple of my favourite features – a V neck and a bloused top over a slim skirt.

Being a simple pattern, it was quick to sew. Front, back, sleeves, and the skirt. I combined a knit skirt with a poly crepe top, and had no issues with either fabric. Because my skirt was knit, I based my sizing off my bust measurement, which put me at an L (but there are 2 Ls, just to be confusing). I then reviewed the separate sizing chart, and made a 42, which was the small L.


Being my first attempt at this pattern, there are a couple of things I’d need to change for next time. Firstly, there’s no bust shaping, as it’s described as a ‘casual fit’. I need bust shaping, because without it, I’m getting these weird drape lines curving from my bust point to my hip.


The shoulder seams are also too wide, and sit too far off my shoulders, making the sleeves too long as well. I don’t know whether to size down and lose some of the blousy-ness, or create a shoulder bust dart. Any suggestions?


As much as I like the potential of this pattern, it has a couple of flaws. It’s definitely a beginners pattern technically, but the instructions, originally in German, need to be edited more accurately, especially the technical terms. As an experienced sewer, I understood the process, but I think a newbie would get stuck. Some of the photos in the e-book were also a little lacking in detail, but again, it’s nothing a little editing wouldn’t fix.

Would I make it again? Definitely, with some personalisation. For my body shape, it’s a winner, and its versatility makes it a potential wardrobe staple, once I nail the fit.

Patterns are 30% off for the rest of the month too, so why not have a go at sewing your own Stoff?

discount code

Need inspiration? There’s plenty!

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8 thoughts on “Tabea Dress – Show your Stoff

  1. At first I was thinking the Tabea just has a slightly dropped shoulder, but the last pic definitely shows a sizing issue for you. It looks like you need to pic a smaller size to fit you better in the shoulders and sleeves, but it looks right from waist down.

  2. It looks like a sizing issue…I think the relaxed fit that sits off the shoulder is quite nice but this is just a little too much. I personally would make the body a little longer too

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