Noelle Hacked

SO, those of you who have been following along with #knickerswitatwist might have noticed that today isn’t Thursday. Yeah, life happened. Instead, I’ve dragged out your anticipation for the final day to today! Hooray!

Today is all about hacking, which, to be honest, might be a bit redundant, since I haven’t been able to leave the pattern alone since day 2! So, to still meet the challenge for today, I decided to repurpose the pattern, as well as hacking it. The Noelle pattern actually has two items, the panty which we are well acquainted with, and a bralette. Now, as much as I love the bralette, I don’t think it would fit me, given its largest full bust size is 36.5 in, and mine hovers around 38-39. However, for those of you that will fit, I think it would make a fabulous bikini, especially in the surf.


So I took this idea of making myself a bikini, and did some hunting. Now, we all know that Katie is the queen of the bikini around here, and she’s inspired me to find a style that I’ll feel comfortable in. We live next to the beach, and spend a good chunk of our holidays in Yamba, so missing out on all that fun just because I don’t feel comfortable in swimmers is just plain silly. Instead, I did some plotting, planning and strategic evaluation, and decided exactly what I wanted in a bikini. Obviously, I have the bottoms nailed at this point, but the top was a little more challenging. I love the crossover look, and guess what? Madalynne has a free pattern for that as well! Have a look at the Sierra Pattern if you are a AA-B cup. Because I’m in D territory, I needed another plan.


During the Black Friday sales, I came across the Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs Bikini Basics Wrap Top, which was exactly what I’d been chasing. My only concern was the width of the wrap around straps, as I have some glorious back fat I wanted them to cover. The solution was simple – I just widened them to the largest size and  added 15cm of length, which did the trick easily.


I completely free-styled the construction, and the pattern isn’t the most perfectly drafted I’ve ever worked with, but I love the shape of the front, and the versatility of the back (racerback, halter, crossover and straight strap options). I used a swimsuit lycra I scooped up from the Salvation Army store in Noosaville, which I’m pretty sure was a Speedo end bolt, because it’s great quality. I lined with some pretty nasty lining fabric from Spotty, but for my next pair, I have some Speedo lining, which I’m hoping will be easier to work with.


You’ll notice that I added a waistband to the bottoms, with a little crossover at the front to mimic the top. I feel that they end up a little high, as I didn’t lower the rise at all, and the stretch of the lycra brings them higher as well. In my next pair, I’ll drop the rise 2.5-3 cm.

So, what do you think? Has #knickerswithatwist convinced you on the versatility of the humble knickers pattern? Are you keen to draft your own? Please keep sharing your creations on instagram.

ALSO…. the winner of our fabulous prize from Orinoco Designs is…

Emilie Cardin Desjardins!

Congratulations Emilie! Please check your email for details of your prize.

And that’s a wrap, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you’ve enjoyed this undies adventure as much as I have. A massive shoutout to my my fellow knicker chicks, Katie and Brooke, for jumping on board with no hesitation when I floated the idea in the first place – thank you xxx

Now get sewing!


4 thoughts on “Noelle Hacked

  1. It’s been so much to read along with these challenge posts. Who would have thought you could spend so much time reading about undies? Anyway, I know who to blame for my new-found obsession with making my own undies and possibly unpacking my overlocker and even possibly using it (although I won’t promise too much – overlockers are still somewhat terrifying to me).

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m looking forward to finally owning some undies that actually fit properly.

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