Upcycled, not recycled!

I can be insanely sentimental if left unchecked, so it’s no great surprise that I really struggle to part with items of clothing that remind me of people, places, or special moments. Before I had my son, I had a dream job working with people who were not only fun, but inspiring, and even though I’m no longer the same size, or need a corporate wardrobe anymore, I’ve struggled to let go of a lot of the clothes I wore during that time. Now that I have children (who grow so freakin’ fast – what’s with that?), my sentimental hoarding has hit new heights (because mountains. I have MOUNTAINS of clothes I can’t bear to offload).


Anyway, because I made the rules, I decided that an upcycle challenge was the perfect chance to force some repurposing of no-longer worn clothes. I found a singlet that I have NEVER worn, and laid it down on the sacrificial altar. It was a Bonds cotton lycra with big metallic stars, which, although it was the right size when given to me, always felt a bit too snug.


Now, some people my call these ‘Burlesque-inspired’, but like my special occasion pair yesterday, these are definitely mullet-undies. Business at the front, party at the back.


Adding the keyhole was simple. I freehanded a semi circle on the on the centre back fold, finished the cutout with fold-over elastic, then added more FOE around the waist. It was the first time I’ve used FOE, and while I was brave applying it on the keyhole already folded, I stitched flat, folded and topstitched the waistband. Both methods worked well for me.

As far as keyholes are concerned, these are TAME! I might get a bit braver next time…

I’ve been gaining more confidence in taking the base Noelle Panty pattern and building on it, and have been hunting inspiration. I found the beautiful Dream of Me High Waisted Undie from Free People, which totally floats my boat.  Speaking of inspiration, when I studied in Rome, I used to stare longingly in the window of the La Perla store on Via del Corso, I love the solid waistband and side cut outs of this pair of La Perla knickers. While you’re looking at La Perla, check out this US$1458 bra. Sadly, it doesn’t come in my size. There are so many places to look for inspiration when it comes to undies, and while the engineering might not work for all shapes and sizes, I think the beauty of looking at all these beautiful pieces is it that they spark off and idea that you can tailor to suit your needs. What are your favourite sources for underwear inspiration?

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