A Special Occasion

Yesterday was another lap around the sun for me. I got to spend the day my main squeeze and little people, and because we had buzzed up to Hervey Bay for the weekend, was spoiled by my parents as well. Good, good times.

Now because today’s challenge is all about creating a pair of knickers for a special occasion, I decided to lash out and practice making myself something special, and with some COLOUR! After throwing out all my sad undies, I only had one pair that weren’t black or beige. This week, my smalls drawer is transforming from bland and boring to bootylicious bombshell.

front-viewI picked up some floral net from Spotty a while ago, and decided to pair it with some black cotton lycra. I’m not a fan of lace/net without a lining on the front of knickers, so I lined with black cotton lycra on these cuties, but left the back unlined. I have no idea how they’ll wear in the long term, but they feel delicious to wear, especially under a skirt on a hot summer’s day. There’s enough pattern on the back that they aren’t completely transparent, but if you look hard enough…


I found sewing with net a little tricky, so I made sure to use a jersey needle, and mainly used the sewing machine, not the overlocker. I also enclosed the side seam, using the same steps as you do to enclose the gusset seam, and it looks so neat and lovely. I used 8mm picot elastic around the legs, and considered making a lycra waistband to avoid a muffin-top, but now that I have the rise just where I want it, there is no muffin-top, and picot is fine.

I love that you can tell that it’s business at the front, but party at the back!

I love that within four pairs of undies, I’m starting to have a lot of fun getting creative with not only the materials I’m using, but also in adapting the base pattern for some more interesting makes (read: not sensible mummy knickers). I think when you’re a working mother of young children, you’re trying to keep so many balls up in the air, and sometimes those balls you don’t prioritise fall to the ground. Legs don’t always get waxed as soon as they could be, and those extra kilos sneak on. At least I can make and wear cute knickers!

What do you think? Can your undies set the tone for your day? Or am making a mountain out of a molehill? Oh, that’s given me an idea – KNOCKERS with a twist!!!

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a meter of amazing Orinoco Designs fabric, and make sure you check out what Brooke and Katie have done for their Special Occasion challenge.

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Don’t forget to enter to win!

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