Knicker-fest,  Panty Party, Underwear Funderwear! 

So, if you read yesterday’s post, you were possibly, a) disappointed there wasn’t actually any nudity at all (you dirty perv!), or b) wondering how hard it really is to make five pairs of knickers using the same pattern. Because honestly, if you can’t get a pattern right after 5 pairs, maybe you should find a new hobby…

Anyway, I figured that #knickerswithatwist would be a great opportunity to push myself to try new techniques and materials, so I came up with five challenges to not only keep things interesting, but to stretch my sewing muscles. 

Soooooo oooh,  drumroll please….

Here are the five days of challenges!

SundayThe  Basic 

This is about following the pattern as written, getting the fit right, and nailing the basic techniques.

Monday – The Special Occasion 

There’s something nice in making yourself a little treat for a special occasion, and knickers are perfect – fast, fabulous, and (usually ) restricted to a very appreciative audience, unless #wardrobemalfunction.

Tuesday – The Upcycle 

Recycled undies are about as popular as second hand toilet paper. Instead, we’ll be making a NEW pair out of repurposed fabric.

Wednesday – Reworked in Woven 

OK,  we’re upping the ante. Making undies out of a non-stretch fabric doesn’t sound easy or comfortable, but dead set, where there’s a will, I’ll make a flippin’ way!

Thursday – The Big Finale: the interpretation 

You’re not the boss of me! This challenge is all about taking a pattern and making it your own. We’ll hack to the max and show what’s possible with a bit of imagination.

What do you think? Are you ready to join in? If you’ve made knickers that fit the daily challenge, share in instagram using #knickerswithatwist, or link to a photo using the comments below – we can’t wait to see your bum – covering brilliance (and to pinch your awesome ideas ;)). Heck, of you’ve made ANY undies, share, share away!

Strap in, because tomorrow is all about basics, and includes the chance to win some seriously awesome custom cotton lycra…


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