This post contains nudity.

So, making your own bras is hot on the interwebs these days. Me? I’m scared. I’ve watched Beverly’s Craftsy class, I’ve joined the facebook groups, I’ve even bought all the bits, but I still haven’t psyched myself up enough to start cutting. Being the massive wuss that I am, I thought I’d ease myself into the lingerie making world by making knickers first. I figure I’ll be using many of the same fabrics and trims, wrangling the same elastic, plus I’ll be able to get away with slightly ill-fitting undies better than ill-fitting bras. Wedgie vs boob bulge, what a choice!

Now, I’ve been known to overshare, so guess what?! You all have front row seats to Knicker-fest! In fact, I’ve turned it into a party, and convinced a couple of equally fearless and fabulous ladies to join me – Katie from Katie Makes a Dress, and Brooke from Idle Sunshine.


Katie’s love for OhhhLulu’s Cindy high waist panties is deep and well documented, and I figured that it would be her pattern of choice, but no! She’s gone one better and drafted her own pattern using Beverly’s Sewing Panties Craftsy class. Brooke is making magic with the well loved Stitch Upon a Time Scrundlewear, and being the massive tightarse that I am (figuratively, not literally, as you will soon discover), I have decided to use a freebie pattern, Madalynne’s Noelle Panty.

Over five days, we’re going to showcase the versatility of three different patterns, and have set ourselves some fun challenges to really put these patterns through their paces. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without some 90s tunes  people on the dance floor, so feel free to join us on Instagram using the tag #knickerswithatwist.

So, start going through your knickers drawer and start Konmar-ing the hell out of it. Saggy elastic? Gone! Unwanted wedgie? Gone! Itchy lace, baggy butt, Rainbow Brite on the front? Gone, GONE, but keep those, they’re cute.rbow-brite

We’ll see you on Sunday for the #knickerswithatwist launch, where you’ll meet our knicker-chicks and get the down low on the patterns they’ll be using. Make sure you’re following @teaduststitches, @idlesunshine and @katiemakesadress on instagram…


5 thoughts on “This post contains nudity.

  1. I didn’t see any nudity! Lol. I’ve been making kid undies and made one momma and daughter matchy matchy set. Thanks for the link to the freebie noelle. I’ll check it out.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results! I’m another chicken in the world of bra making. I made my first bra back in 1998 or thereabouts, after an article in Threads magazine made it look so easy. Beautiful bra, not a hope in hell of fitting me. Then I took a class with Beverly in 2002. Unfortunately, as I was about to leave for the workshop, I received a call telling me that a family member was dying. That pretty much wrecked the day. I have notes and a partially made bra, but can barely recall the workshop. Since then, I’ve bought the two big books on the subject Beverly wrote and have bought all the patterns, fabrics, and fixings. Have I made more than a test cup? No. In fact, I recently bought kits for several. And all the Craftsy classes. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

    It might be time, don’t you think?

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