sofilantjes summer surprise knit jersey

Sofilantjes Down Under Blog Tour

I majored in Italian in my uni days. Even lived in Rome for six months immersing myself in the language, history and culture (e vino, gelato e begli uomini…). Italian is a great language to learn, because in a majority of cases, every letter in a word is pronounced.

Dutch? Not so much.

Sofilantjes. Sew-fil-ant-jees? Soft-fill-yanties?

Little known fact about the Netherlands – While I was living in Italy, my dutch friend Vincent (do yourself a favour and check out his insta feed) took great joy in telling me he knew all about Rex Hunt kissing fish, because it was televised in the Netherlands. Now that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a cultural legacy with which few can compete…


Anyway, back to Sophie’s Ants. Turns out they want to thank us for Rex Hunt by organising a Blog Tour! A fab bunch of Australian and Kiwi bloggers are sharing all kind of Sofa-Landies love this week, and you can be part of it too! More deets in just a minute…


So, I’ve had the free, and super cute Liv Skirt in my ‘Must Make’ pile for ages, but so far the little girl in the house hasn’t been big on skirts. When Melissa asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a different Sofilantjes pattern, I quickly checked the Liv again, just so I could be sure of quality. And then I couldn’t resist cutting one out, it’s just so cute!

The Liv pattern is super easy to follow, and you can make it super simple or with cute cut-out pockets, which are guaranteed to come home full of sand, rocks and lego pilfered from kindy #whatsyoursismine. Unfortunately, our lovely Liv is currently lost, thanks to the nudist tendencies of the child…

The pattern I’m actually reviewing though, is the Summer Surprise Dress. From the Sofiljantes website:

The Summer Surprise is a real surprise. In front it looks like a simple sleeveless pattern with a lovely pleat, but in the back it is a real surprise. It has a low cut back with a beautiful bow. A pattern especially for real girls. Play with different colours and create the dress you both really like.

This is not my child. My child is practically bald. Still.

Instead of making the dress length, I made the top, so the Little Girl could wear it with her Liv Skirt (wishful thinking!). Her chest and waist measurements are both 19″, so I made the 24m Summer Surprise, just so there was growing room. Because we have such a long summer, clothes that fit in October may not be wearable in March, such is the joy of growing children. Because both are made with knit, construction was super fast, and I had them both cut and sewn in 2 hours. The Little Girl isn’t all that tall, so the tunic is definitely wearable as a dress, and the first time she tried it on, I couldn’t get it off her, which always a good sign.

After only a tiny sleep, and a late afternoon photo shoot, I wasn’t going to argue about the dummy!

I did go slightly off-piste in construction, just because I prefer to attach bands in the round, instead of the method in the pattern, but that’s neither here nor there. The back bow feature is absolutely gorgeous, and is a really neat way of using those little scraps that we can’t bear to just throw out.

sofilantjes summer surprise knit jersey
That’s it, she’s had enough. Good thing she’s just as cute from the back…

There are some subtle features too that show a nice understanding of little bodies, like the tiny inverted box pleat at the front neck line. The Little Girl rocks a typical toddler tummy, and this gives her enough room in the front without making the dress an A line.


I’m making a little capsule wardrobe for her for Christmas, and this is definitely going to be part of it. A super cute dress for summer, and it will be able to serve double duty in winter with a long sleeve shirt and leggings.

Nothing like a ride on Daddy’s shoulders to make everything ok.

Now, it just wouldn’t be a blog tour without a prize, so make sure you enter the giveaway to win a copy of the Summer Surprise Dress for yourself!

Rafflecopter giveaway

There’s also a discount code (DOWNUNDER) which scores you 15% off all Spring and Summer patterns, including Semper and Domis (which is next on my Stitch List!), as well as on bundles including the Aura. Get in fast though, as the code is only good until October 16th (Sunday).

And of course, check out the rest of the Soulful-Anti’s bloggers and be inspired.
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Friday While she was Sleeping, Mend and Make New

And FYI, I have it on good authority that it’s pronounced So-fi (I like in igloo)-lahnt-jes. Maybe I should stick to Italian…




10 thoughts on “Sofilantjes Down Under Blog Tour

  1. Oh my golly, I laughed out loud about Rex Hunt! This length looks perfect for my daughter (also a nudist!). I will have to give it a go. Thank you.

  2. That looks like a perfect summer dress for a little explorer. I too have a little girlie with a mighty baby belly and the attitude the size of the universe hahaha

  3. Love the cheeky little girl, and the dress is super cute as well 🙂 Love the fabric, looks like this dress is perfect for the Australian summer

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