Treasure, Legacy and Seasons

I was recently given a box full of vintage patterns by my husband’s aunt. I know, it’s the mother lode for any vintage enthusiast. As I lifted out gem after gem, I couldn’t help but see a pattern emerging (bahahaha, Mum joke!).

You’ve just got to love a 60s working wardrobe. And that romper! Too, too cute!

This box of patterns chronicled a life. From young working woman, to maternity wear, then children’s clothing and on to the Misses, this box is a trajectory of a life lived.

Nothing like a party dress! Love the yellow bottom right, and the cowl back on the top right.

I couldn’t help but reflect on what my pattern legacy might look like, and I realised that what makes my collection different is that it still includes clothes for me, even though the children have come along. Mind you, this has been a really conscious decision. It is sooo much easier and more fun to sew for the kids – they always look cute in whatever you put them in. Making something for myself though? Much more challenging. Not more complex, but harder to be happy with. I’ve already written about why clothes don’t fit, and this year I’ve definitely made an effort to sew for me. And you know what? It’s not as hard as I thought.

Butterick 9265 9771 Mccalls 6035 Home Journal vintage patterns woman's realm retro romper dress suit maternity 8946 3191 5183 simplicity 4801 maudella
Tents with style – maternity chic.

Leesa from Sew Boxes saw my Staple Skirt post and in spite of the nudity and naughty words, asked if I’d be interested in being a contributor to her new subscription box for women, Sew Box Seasons. Of course I leapt at the chance because I think  it takes a lot more for a mum to be confident in the clothes she makes for herself. The awesome thing about Sew Box Seasons is that it’s a collection of curated patterns, all of which have been thoroughly tested by women of different shapes and sizes. We’ve played, tweaked, experimented and hacked to create well fitting garments that are comfortable and flattering. Best of all, we’re sharing our secrets with you!

I’m pretty sure the girl in pink is plotting the death of whoever made that dress…

Subscriptions for the Winter Seasons Box close this Sunday, May 15th, so don’t miss out on this great little treat for yourself.

Disclaimer – Sew Box Seasons have provided me with the patterns in this box. The opinions are my own. I chose to participate in this promotion because by being honest, irreverent and with some really practical suggestions for getting a good finish, I’d like to help women like me regain their sense of personal style and confidence. I think Sew Box Seasons is a natural fit for this goal.


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