Me Made May 2016 + “not a Linden” #MMMay16

So, I’m doing a subject at uni called Communication Theory and Practice, and at times, it is a dry as it sounds. There are moments though that are pretty ground shaking, especially when your personal little mid-life shift* all of a sudden makes sense, you know, theoretically. Anyway, it got me thinking about the way I present myself to others, and what it is I want them to think of me, and to think about when they’re around me.

You might think I’m shallow, spending so much time thinking about clothes. But here’s the thing – so much of our identity is captured and expressed in the clothes we wear that our clothing can’t be discounted. When I was going through my ‘Mother of a newborn” phase, clothing selection was based on comfort and boob access. When I was heading back to work, choices were made on comfort and un-ironability. Now, as I am settling back into work, but feeling like the mundane might be taking over my life, I’m fighting back through the clothes I make and wear.

For me, Me Made May 2016 (#MMMay16) is going to be about wearing clothes that make me happy. Happiness for me isn’t necessarily about looking like I’ve stepped off the pages of a magazine. It’s about being comfortable, celebrating the body I have, and being able to  enjoy wearing clothes that help me express my identity. The other clothes that make me happy are the ones worn by those I love, so expect to see cameo appearances by my children and others who are rocking their TDS threads 🙂

Of course, all this begs the question, what am I wearing today? Well, it’s not a Linden. Instead, it’s McCalls 6992 made from some interesting knit I bought from East Coast Fabrics for $3.95m. I only bought a metre, and even though it was wide, there was no way I could cut out an 18 from just that. I ended up making a 16, creating a centre seam at the back (which I topstitched because it looks awesome!), and I shortened the sleeves to 3/4 with a fold up cuff.


I actually preferred the wrong side of this knit (no idea how to describe it, or its composition), so I used it as the contrast cuff/neck ribbing/hem detail. I didn’t want a proper hem band, but felt it would be too short if I turned it up, so I got creative with this high/low split hem thing, which I love.

M6992 #MMMay16 Linden sweatshirt McCalls6992

Overall, I love this pattern. It’s got that boxy shape that’s hot now, and it’s 10+ on the comfort scale. I think I’ll size down next time, and try and get the neck a little smaller. I have some steel blue ponte that’s just begging to be made up, this might be just the thing…

M6992 #MMMay16 Linden sweatshirt McCalls6992


*(I’m too busy and sensible to have a mid-life crisis, this girl’s got shit to do!)


One thought on “Me Made May 2016 + “not a Linden” #MMMay16

  1. Jess you are an inspiration !
    Did you know you were such a clever seamstress? Well done hon you are amazing.

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