The “Oh My Goodness” Dress

I do a lot of fabric and pattern shopping at my local op shops. I’ve scored some absolute bargain fabrics over the years, as well some very funky patterns. I think the reason I have a pretty good strike rate is because I like weird stuff. I’d like to think that I see the potential, but I could just have really.bad.taste. Case in point, my latest scores:

vintage patterns

I think each and every one of these patterns have many redeeming features. Who doesn’t love a good shirt-dress? Or those fabulous cape sleeves? Or a cheongsam with a twist? Even the one with mad ruffles has potential. Anyway, armed with many, many metres of $2 quilting cotton from spotty, I made myself one of these.

I can see you cringing from here. Stop, it’ll give you wrinkles.

This is what I ended up with. Oh my god.

Stop laughing. That will give you wrinkles too. And pee yourself if you haven’t done your pelvic floor exercises.

I talked myself off the ledge, remembering that we make toiles for a reason, and that not all toiles are wearable. I hung it on the laundry door with all my other failures, and forgot about it. Then yesterday, I scored some more $2/m fabric from Spotty, and decided that I wanted to make some more shirts. My eyes drifted over my pattern stash, and suddenly, there were fireworks, little blue birds were singing in my ear, and a rainbow appeared out the window! I could make a top out of this pattern! It would be funky! And interesting! And flattering! So I tried on my failure to figure out what how I needed to alter the pattern, and a very strange thing happened – it looked really nice! As in, I could wear it in public nice. It needed a hem, but what do I do? Keep it long? Go short?


In the ended I decided if I shortened it, I’d look a bit too much like I was playing tennis with Gatsby, so I kept it long. I needed to face the hem to give it the depth and weight it needed, so I went through my stash, and got a bit silly…


Finally, I settled on some yellow fabric I’d been given by my mum. I’m not sure what it actually is, because it has the texture of a linen, but it’s much firmer. Anyway, I cut it into 5cm strips, hemmed it, and look at me now!


I definitely need to make some alterations to the pattern to get it to work for me. I’ve already added an inch on either side, but it needs some bust darts. I also need to reshape the neck at the front, and while I love the back, I need to be able to hide a bra, so it needs to come up a little.

Sneaky strap issues need to be resolved…

I’ll lengthen it so I can tuck it in to a skirt, but once I’ve done that, it should be awesome.


Here’s to finding winners in the reject pile!


Princess Di last week, Marilyn Monroe this week!


I haven’t really committed to #vintagepledge2016, but I’ll certainly take the credit for this one!



2 thoughts on “The “Oh My Goodness” Dress

  1. I love this dress! Perfect for spring, and I’m impressed with the fitting. My muslins never fit this well out of the package!

    1. Thanks Sheena. It photographs well, but it definitely needs some work! I’m on holidays next week, hopefully I’ll get the chance to make v2

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