Just be Audrey

Audrey Hepburn and I don’t have much in common. I know, you’re shocked. But at least my wardrobe does, now that I have made myself one of the biggest skirts I think I’ve ever seen.


Given my body shape, I’ve avoided big skirts, because I’ve always thought they best suit people with little waists and big hips, but since my success with the Staple Skirt, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. Instead of choosing patterns based on my shape, I’m choosing them based on their key elements, in this case, a nice, wide waistband. Unlike S2451, the waistband for V9090 isn’t shaped, but it is nearly 10cm wide when complete, which offers plenty of stability. I have found that waistbands sit lower on my front than on my sides, so I raised the hem at the front about 2cm, tapering to the side seams. Thanks to my flat bum, there was no need to play around with the back hem.


I wanted to keep the skirt as long as possible (I probably should have lengthened it, but didn’t want to commit any extra fabric if it was a complete disaster), so I ended up binding the hem.


I snuck in a few little surprises – the waistband is lined with some fabulous vintage John Kaldor cotton, and the pocket lining has a subtle ikat print on it. I have a thing for exposed metal zippers at the moment too, and yes, I know I’m late on the bandwagon, but, whatever! Oh, and one thing about the pockets – they’re huge and in the wrong spot. By the time I get my hand all the way to the bottom, I’m like the leaning tower of Pisa!


I think the biggest surprise though is obvious – my fabric choice. I stumbled across this black waffle weave cotton, and fell in love. It has this fabulous texture, and because of it’s bulk, it supports itself without being stiff. I know most people would use it to make a bathrobe, but again, whatever! I’m sure it’s going to fade like crazy, so I’ll make sure I wash it gently and dry in the shade.


I’m thinking it might become a winter staple, but am loving it with sleeveless tops at the moment. It’s swooshy and fun to wear, and definitely brings out my inner Audrey (you know, if Audrey Hepburn had been a tall blonde Australian woman who is quite happy to ham it up in the local industrial estate).


Pattern: Vogue 9090 (View B)

Fabric: Black cotton waffle weave ($2/m, Spotlight clearance table for the win!)

Size: 18 (Reminding myself that the number is arbitrary…)

Alterations: Exposed zip instead of invisible, hem raised 2cm at front tapering to side seams, bound hem.

Next time: Bring the pockets up, lengthen 10 cm.

I’m wearing a silk cami from the Missoni for Target range from last year (?), and wasn’t sure whether the combo of silk+pearls+short blonde hair was just a bit too Princess Di circa 1987…



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