Simplicity 2451

The Staple Skirt

So, as well as dressing my child up as Tigger, I’ve been spending a bit of time over summer stitching up my own work wardrobe. I made myself three Washi Dresses to get me through my first three months back at work, but now it’s time to up the ante. I’m reconciled to my Mum-Bod, and now it’s time to rock it. Sure, I’m 5kg heavier than I want to be, and I have the post-baby pooch, but on the plus side, I’m now a cup size larger, and my legs aren’t too bad either.

When I was pregnant first time around, my work attire needed to be quite corporate, which was a struggle with maternity clothes. My lovely mum made me a skirt using #simplicity2451 (with many alterations to cater for the belly), and in her recent clean out, passed the pattern to me. Google has shown me that this pattern is well loved by stitch-bitches everywhere, and I’m drinking the kool-aid.

I measured up, and made my first one (View C, longer length with a back vent) using a 1m piece of cotton sateen that I got for $2 from Spotty. I fussy cut the pieces, to get some pattern match on the back, and to avoid any big red splotches that would make my high school students point and laugh (very important considerations in my line of work). For once I followed the instructions, and ended up with a very cute skirt. When I casually strolled* into my staffroom the next day, the first thing my married, male colleague said was, “Gee, I like your skirt!”. And that, my friends, seals the deal – this pattern’s a winner.

Simplicity 2451
My motto this year seems to be ‘Go Bold or Go Home!’

Simplicity 2451

Simplicity 2451
Honestly, how can you expect me to work in these conditions?! Kiss my foot better, you say?
Simplicity 2451
Pattern matching like a Kardashian.

Of course, I can’t let sleeping dogs lie. After a full day’s wear, the sateen skirt stretches out of shape, and gets a little frumpy for my liking. I decided that I’d make #2 out of some heavy chambray that I have, and nip 2.5cm out of the hem both front and back, tapering to the pocket. The firmer fabric, and the bonus of no stretch means it restrains the pooch quite nicely. This time it was the husband who had the ‘Wow’ comment when I showed off the finished product – yay!

Simplicity 2451

Simplicity 2451
My shoe may have been stuck in the ground at this point…
Simplicity 2451
Is that kid dressed yet?

I’ve already bought another three pieces of cotton sateen to make some more, and I think I’ll size down, and only take out 1.5cm at the hem. Hopefully this will address the stretch issue. I may also try using a non-stretch fabric for the waistband lining, although then I may need to go back to the original size. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions… No doubt about it, this skirt is now TNT.

*bahahahahahahaha! More like I raced in flustered, having managed to get both children into the car by 7am, then forgot my own lunch and reversed back down our street like a lunatic to grab it.



9 thoughts on “The Staple Skirt

  1. Love your skirt. I have got thesame pattern to make up too. How did sizing compare for you to chain store sizing?

    1. I always choose a size based on measurements, not my rtw size, because the difference can be huge. I’m usually a 12-14 in Australian rtw.

      1. Pattern makers really have got their sizing messed up. I have cut a Muslin in this to test and hope to get it stitched up before I cut into my really fabric.

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