Clara + Melody (and not the bottom burp variety)

In the last few weeks, I’ve been a sewing ninja. Maybe it’s knowing that my leave is coming to an end, or maybe it’s the iron tablets (seriously, crack for mothers. Get on it), but either way, my foot pedal has been smoking!

My tally so far? Clara – 3x tops, 1x tunic, 1x harem pants, 1x leggings, 2x shorts. Alby has only scored two t-shirts, cord pants and a pair of shorts. 12 items of mum-made clothing for the little peeps, not bad.

Over the next few weeks I’ll blog about them all, but today’s sewpiece is pretty spesh, because it’s a test sew I’ve been wanting to share for aaaagggggeeessssssss! It’s a Flosstyle Melody, one of the six base styles in the Jukebox Collection. If you’re a One Thimble reader, you’ve already seen Tempo and Rhythm, but there are four additional patterns in the full release – Encore, Ditty, Melody and Lyric.They can be blended too, so it’s just crazy versatile.

The little girl is standing. And climbing like a monkey. Scares the crap out of me, because she has zero sense of self preservation.
The little girl is standing. And climbing like a monkey. Scares the crap out of me, because she has zero sense of self preservation.

I used the softest Denise Schmidt quilting cotton I’ve ever come across – it feels like the lovechild of baby rabbit and the floppy skin under my arm, which my children seem to love jiggling, little buggers.

The softest cotton I've ever felt
The softest cotton I’ve ever felt

I’m stoked I got to test the Melody, which is a sleeveless top with a full button placket and gathered shoulders. Because Clara isn’t walking yet, dresses aren’t the best as they tend to get crawled on. Watching the baby faceplant because her dress is stuck under her knees is only funny the first dozen times (Bad mummy).

Places to go
Places to go

I love the way these patterns are constructed. Jessica, their designer, is such a logical thinker. I’ve learned not to question the process of these designs, because there are so many neat little tricks that give you an awesome finished product. The only seams I’ve overlocked are the side seams – every other one is hidden, which I love.

It’s not a super quick sew, but the finished product is something special. There’s a huge size range (12m-ladies s10), so no threat of her sizing out of this pattern in a hurry.

Bringing bald back
Bringing bald back

Honestly, how beautiful is this child? She’s a menace who drives her brother completely mental, no idea how such a little person can have so much attitude. She farted her way through my grandmother’s funeral on Wednesday. I was embarrassed until my cousin Joseph, in his tribute, shared a memory of walking with our grandmother, and trying to beat each others farts. Yep, we keep it real in this family. Love you Dearie, miss you, will keep your memory and spirit close to my heart xxx


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