Skirt fabric

Chicken Knit

Sewing with knit (stretchy) fabric has always been something I’ve shied away from. I’ve always put it in the too hard basket. I know I must have sewn with it in the past to have this aversion, but I can’t remember what that disaster even was anymore.

Of course, what was in my first Sew Box? 1.5m of lovely grey jersey. If that wasn’t a sign from the heavens to get over my knit issues, I don’t know what is. The Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations was also included in the box, so really, everything was handed to me on a platter.

I quite like the shape of the Julia, and I actually already have a store bought cardigan that is a very similar shape. It is a bit small though, too short and too narrow across the shoulders, which makes it look too small. It’s a shame, because I love the colour. I then needed to decide which version of the pattern I’d do – capped sleeves, 3/4 or full length. I looked down and the question was answered for me.

I pressed the shutter with my chin...
I pressed the shutter with my chin…

I actually have a fair few knits in my stash, but decided that I’d go with the grey in the Sew Box, because the idea of trying to pattern match was just a step too far for me. I measured up, and decided to make the L, which is 12-14. I wish there was a centre back measurement, just so I could roughly see where it would finish up on my short torso, but instead I measured the back pattern piece.

And then I wussed out. It went to the bottom of the stitch list. I am such a chicken.

I had a deadline for another pattern test (more on that soon!), and then I had to make shorts to match, and then I made another pair of shorts… You know where this is going, right?

And then I grew a pair and decided that I needed to put some training wheels on. I found a free Raglan Tee pattern for kids, and I rummaged around in my stash for a willing sacrifice.

Skirt before and after
My midi is now a mini

I found a skirt that made me look like a sausage with a rubber band around it, and it became my first victim. I then found some offcuts from a maternity dress mum made for me, and that became the sleeves.

Skirt fabric
Closer to the colour, though it’s still a little darker than this.

I used the hem of the skirt for the shirt (hooray for cheating), and after some quick runs through the overlocker, it was done. Holy crap! In the time it took Brett to take the little man to swimming, I had cut out, stitched and finished my first successful knit!

hanger-raglanThe little guy was very excited to wear it to day care the next day, but man, trying to get a decent photo? Far out. Good thing he’s cute…

So, he was posing, swing his hips, poking his tongue out, and then... Peppa Pig!
So, he was posing, swinging his hips, poking his tongue out, and then… Peppa Pig!

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