Another sunrise

I am awake at sunrise almost every day of the week, but rarely am I outside enjoying it, especially this time of year when it’s a little chilly (Snow?! ). Occasionally though, I set the alarm (in the hope that I’ll actually be asleep when it goes off – bahahaha! As if!) and meet up with my mate Adrian for some early morning picture taking. Adrian is a legend at many things, and always teaches me new things. I repay him in coffee and stories about the gross things my children do.

Mr Miyagi...
Mr Miyagi…

Last Sunday we went down to Shelley Beach, which, at the northern end, has a great headland with lots of sitting water and interesting rocks. The cool thing about sitting water is that it reflects the colour in the sky, so if you get in the right spot, you can get a 2 for 1 sunrise! Or, if you’re like me, you stumble into it, then skate across the slimy bottom, windmilling your arms in an attempt to at least stay upright, providing entertainment for those around you…

Two for one sunrise
Two for one sunrise

I ended up taking about 280 photos, but to be honest, only 15 were really worthy of editing. Mind you, that’s better than last time. I’ve been playing around with aperture for a little while, so I got a better understanding of that this time. The other thing I started manually adjusting this time was shutter speed, especially once it got lighter. With a little swell on the rocks, there was some great opportunities to catch the first rays coming through the waves. I saw a similar effect this morning when Alby did a free-range sneeze in front of a window…

P7050162My first few attempts were a little rough, but now that I have a better understanding of what I’m trying to achieve, next time I should get closer to the mark.

P7050013I had a bit of time to edit while the little people were napping, but wasn’t too happy with my haphazard approach to editing with Photoshop. I found this tutorial, and learned a bit about how the light at the beginning and end of the day is different, which clarified my thinking about what I was trying to achieve. It also showed some really quick and easy ways to adjust light using layer masks and curve adjustments, which I really appreciated.

P7050202P7050239Of course, none of these are prize winners, but that’s not what I’m doing it for.


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