When shit happens…

We had a long weekend a few weeks ago, and decided to have a little family holiday in Hervey Bay. We rented a little cabin, packed up the car and headed north. Because we’d managed to leave on time (a miracle!), we decided to reward ourselves with a drive through coffee from the golden arches, five minutes up the road.

While we were sitting there, waiting for our drinks, Clara got really unhappy. I jumped out to see what was going on, only to discover she had power-spewed everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. We turned around, went back home, and washed her, her clothes and her carseat.

Take 2. Get twenty minutes up the road, hear Clara choking in the back, more spew. Shirt number 3, wipe carseat down, settle her down.

Take 3. Get another twenty minutes up the highway. Alby needs to pee. It’s raining. Clara still grumpy, get her out of her seat to feed her (now that she has an empty stomach), to discover the poonami. Shirt #4, new pants, wipe out the carseat again. Contemplate lining her seat with a tarp.

Take 4. Safe (but 2 hour late) arrival in Hervey Bay. Really looking forward to our trip to Adelaide in September…

There comes a time when babies grow out of nappy bags, and a mother’s handbag becomes a repository of random nappies, Thomas the Tank Engine jocks, squashed packets of baby wipes and snacks. And a leaking water bottle. Fortunately, a Flosstyle pattern test came to my rescue.


My second test for Flossyle was the Tidy Travel Tote (for some reason Jess didn’t go with the name I suggested – the Crap Collector). This pattern is a ripper, and as long as you have a sewing machine, you can do this. The only tricky bit is when you do the one line of stitching around the outside, because you need to put the layers in the right order and facing the right way. If I can get it right at 10pm, anyone can. Or you’re dumber than I thought 😉

Change mat pocket
Change mat pocket

This thing was a life saver on our little adventure, and I’ve now stashed a spare shirt in there, as well as a couple of nappies, a packet of wipes, pawpaw cream and some snacks. The pattern includes a change pad, which fits perfectly into the side pocket. From start to finish it probably took about 2 hours, but I’m sure I’ll get faster with each one (because it is now my go-to baby shower present).

Fits a full 80 pack wipes, three nappies, spare shirt, bib, snacks and pawpaw cream. The Tardis for poop.
Fits a full 80 pack wipes, three nappies, spare shirt, bib, snacks and pawpaw cream. The Tardis for poop.

4 thoughts on “When shit happens…

  1. I laughed as I read this, remember many a car trip with a car sick toddler. Only trouble was, every time he vomited, I followed suit.

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