DIY wall hooks

Corralling the Crap

Wow, I never knew how much stuff comes with having kids. It overflows out the front door and into the car. It’s like a tsunami of odd socks, rice cake crumbs, wet swimming gear and old tissues. I’m sure it rivals those rubbish islands floating around the Pacific. I am slowly figuring out effective ways to herd it all together, and functionality is the number one factor in making sure it works.

A couple of months ago I put together a quick hat/bag hook thing for next to the front door, but in a matter of days, I realised that four hooks (!) just wasn’t enough to contain the debris from Cyclones Alby and Clara. Just the excuse I needed to crack out the cordless drill…

See the name of that zygo? Should be a Mills&Boon

See the name of that zygo? Should be a Mills&Boon

Even though it was freezing cold (13c) and blowing a gale that must have come from beyond the wall, I headed off to Bunnings with my entourage and bought supplies. Did not expect it to be quite so action packed though – first someone did their best to run over Clara in her pram, then someone absolutely lost it in a road rage incident, teaching Alby a whole new vocabulary… Interesting times.

Anyway, I grabbed a piece of pine (1200x42x19, think it was about $2, just realised I wasn’t charged for it!), three two-packs of hooks ($5.62 each, $16.86 total) and a zygo cactus. Just because.

As per usual, I couldn’t be bothered painting anything, so I just measured out where I’d put my hooks. And just to make Mr McColl, my year 8-9 maths teacher happy, I used algebra to figure out how far apart they needed to be. Now I just need to figure out how to apply the nuclear physics I learned from Mr Morgan (the only time I ever got an A, thinking I should have been a Bond villain, not an English teacher).

See kids, you DO need algebra in real life!
See kids, you DO need algebra in real life!

Then it was just a matter of predrilling, attaching the hooks and then figuring out where it was going on the wall. These bag hooks are for the less regularly used things, like swimming and touch bags, so it’s going to live in the laundry. Attaching it was simply a matter of figuring out where the studs were, and screwing it straight in.

DIY wall hooks
I love how you can’t see how dirty my kitchen is in this photo.

Then I decided it looked way too boring for my lovely creative space, so I took I out the back and spray painted it yellow. As you do.

Consider it corralled.
Consider it corralled.

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