Clara rocking her Rosie top

Clara + Rosie

Well, we had a very special birthday recently – our baby girl turned one! It was definitely an emotional day for me, reflecting on her birth, and the path that lead us there. It was so good for the soul to only have happy tears though. We had a party on the Sunday before her birthday, but I hardly took any photos! I went totally crazy with Alby’s first birthday, so tried to stay a little more low key for Clara’s, for sanity’s sake! Although I’m not into super girly princess parties, I thought that a garden party would be nice, so decorated with plenty of flowers, doilies and lots and lots of cakes (including my meringue tributes to breast feeding…)

Claras birthday cake
Berries, the lazy mother’s fondant…

A girl needs a good party outfit, so I knocked up a Rosie top for her out of some gorgeous quilting cotton Mum gave me, and a Liberty print I scored for $7.50/m. It was a quick sew and Clara definitely rocked it!

Hey Mum, want my half chewed sushi?
Hey Mum, want my half chewed sushi?

It’s quite a simple pattern – bodice, straps, optional flutter sleeves and the skirt. I didn’t measure Clara for size, and just made the size 1. I did French seams on the sides, and I think it probably took up more seam allowance than it should have, so it only just fit my little chunky monkey. Because it’s such a quick sew (especially if you leave off the flutter sleeves), and it goes up to a girls’ size 16, I think I see many, many more of these tops and dresses in my future.

Clara rocking her Rosie top
This girl. Her face keeps no secrets.

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