Happy Scrappy Bookshelves

Like pretty much every child ever, Alby loves a good story. Every night he NEEDS to be read at least three books, and fortunately between his own collection and the local library, we can usually avoid too many repeats. Mind you, I can pretty much recite Hairy Maclairy, Albie and the Space Rocket and that frigging Hungry Caterpillar off by heart. And don’t get me started on that bloody Green Sheep…

Anyway, now that the change table has been packed away (because changing an energetic octopus on a high surface will never end well), we have some extra space on Clara’s chest of drawers. We really needed a safe place to put some of the books that are ‘out of rotation’, because the perilous literary mountain on the other shelf was becoming a landslide risk.

Photo of chest of drawers with small book shelf
Must fix those handles…

One solution would have been a couple of bookends, but I had some pine and plywood scraps that were perfect to be used up. My plan was to create a free standing shelf that angled backwards. I’d come across something similar ages ago, and stored it in the memory bank as a ‘one-day project’. Well, the stars aligned, the babies slept, and I was able to get out the drill. SHelf-2

Of course, I am crap at tutorials. So anyway, I got my base piece (19mm pine, 240mm x 650mm) and screwed a piece of scrap 12mm ply (600mm x 90mm) to the back using 6g 38mm screws. I should have used a piece the same length as the base, but I was using scraps and had to make do. I then got my two end pieces (19mm pine, 240mm x 150mm), and attached the front of the shelf 40mm up from the bottom. The back I screwed in 10mm above the base. This created the backward tilt, which means that book spines are easier to read, and are less like to fall out if they overhang the front of the shelf. It may sound confusing, but if you look at the shelf, it’s not hard to figure out what I did.

Shelf-3Painting now tops my list of crappy DIY jobs to be avoided, so this shelf is staying raw for the time being. If I feel inspired (or a little person makes a colour request), it may get painted, but even then I’ll probably cheat and use spray paint in a can 🙂


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