Tea and Cake for the Mummas

Can you hear the crickets chirping? Yep, been quiet on the old blog. There’s plenty to come this month though, posts a-plenty have been drafted 🙂

I have a truly beautiful group of Mummy friends. We met in the early days of our pregnancies through our Circle of Care. We shared so much in our six months of birth preparation that we have become firm, and hopefully life-long friends. We are very different women yet we all find so much in each other – comfort, courage and comedy seems to sum up our friendship well.

We live all over the coast and hinterland, so getting together is a bit of a challenge, but we manage to catch up at least monthly. Now that the little ones are all mobile, they’re not as happy to sit in café’s and watch us demolish cake without sharing. These days, parks are much more our style.

Of course, coffee (or tea!) and cake are a little more difficult to come by in the park, so for our most recent catch up, I decided to bake the easiest and most delicious chocolate cake I know – a boiled chocolate cake. By now you should know that I don’t do tutorials, and I’m not a food blogger, so know that the photos don’t reflect the deliciousness of the cake!

Mmmmmmm, cake...
Mmmmmmm, cake…

Anyway, you can find the recipe here. I used 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of rice malt syrup, and I’m sure you could use an alternative to the wheat flour if you wanted to, but I can’t guarantee it will be as light and fluffy. I don’t know how it’s possible, but this cake ends up almost sponge-like in texture.

I also made a jug of iced tea, because breast feeding mums get very thirsty! Very simple – 1.5L freshly boiled water, 6 teaspoons of loose leaf tea (I used Stockholm Blend because I love it!) and lemon zest. I also added a teaspoon of sugar just to balance the bitterness that isn’t as palatable when tea is cold. Best made 4-6 hours in advance, otherwise it won’t be as cold as it should be.

The weather was absolutely spectacular – one of those days that feels like a gift. My friend Lara took this gorgeous photo of Clara and I, perfectly capturing the silly side this little girl has. She finds being upside down or sideways hilarious, she has an adventurer’s soul I think.11158163_10155487484715644_1586651993_n


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