Tea for two – Stockholm Blend

Lovely times at the castle at the moment. After being quite unwell for several weeks, our beautiful Clara is getting back to being her happy, smiling self – such a relief. You don’t realise how much worry you’re bottling up until you don’t have to anymore.


The other lovely thing to happen is that we are inundated with grand parents! Brett’s parents have been here for nearly two weeks, and my mum arrived yesterday, after spending a couple of months adventuring around NSW, Victoria and South Australia with Dad, in their caravan called Morrison. Dad is heading west, so Mum decided to come home to get her Alby/Clara fix, and to prepare for an exhibition of her textiles in a couple of months.

Putting the Grandies to work
Putting the Grandies to work

Needless to say, this week my teapot is getting a workout, and there aren’t too many things lovelier than sharing a special pot of tea.


This week’s brew is Stockholm blend, which I first discovered a few years ago, when there was a sad and lonely tin of it in the kitchen at work. Gorgeous. It’s a back tea flavoured with calendula, rose, vanilla, and most deliciously, apricot. Mum likes it 🙂


Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx


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