A Digital Exhibition

So, I handed in my first TAFE assignment yesterday. It was a great experience, but oh my goodness, as a teacher, I am soooooo embarrassed. Firstly, I lost my assignment sheet, then I managed to leave my memory stick at home! It used to drive me crazy when my students did that, and now I’m just as bad. Fortunately Brett and Alby were able to bring me everything I needed, my heroes…

I did show a sneak peek of one of the images I edited on my facebook page the other day, but I thought I’d show the rest. They’re definitely a long way from perfectly composed and edited, but they were lots of fun to cut my teeth on. Hope you enjoy them

I’ve shared this one before, but I’ve added some texture to this one, which frames the boys better.
This is another image I’ve re-edited. the colouring is still not right, so I’m wondering if the only way to make it cohesive is to make it black and white. What do you think?
Do you need the punchline?
This was supposed to be our bridal waltz, but the band didn’t have it! Instead, we used it at Alby’s baptism, and it was the song I listened to very soon after Clara’s birth.
Our girl has a full face smile and a heart full of joy.

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