A Bubble Dress for Clara

When it comes to children’s clothes, my tastes are pretty much the same as they are for everything else – simple, all about the shape, and beautiful fabric.

When I saw this pattern, I fell in love. I though the bubble hem on the top left was just gorgeous, and when I realised that it was made by elasticizing the hem, and not by gathering to a straight lining underneath, I was sold. Bubble skirts made with a lining are impossible to iron, whereas the elastic in the hem is not only easily ironed, it’s also much easier to play in! It also has bubble pockets – eeek!


I ended up choosing the grey birdhouse fabric, but thought it needed a little colour, especially for a little girl. The red spotty fabric I bought to make binding for a quilt, but I liked it so much I bought extra 🙂


I decided to see how flutter sleeves would go, just to balance out the red in the pockets. I’m not a fan of super girly clothes, but just a little bit of frill can go a long way…


I’m really happy with the end result, even if there was a lot of fiddly bits. I had to get a bit fussy with the pocket binding because I didn’t like how they were done in the pattern. I’m also not a fan of binding the armholes with bias, so next time I’ll extend the neck facing to include the armholes. Once I have Pollylocker back, the make time will be very fast, so I see many, many more of these in the future (something needs to make a dent in my stash!).

I think something for me is definitely next on the list!


6 thoughts on “A Bubble Dress for Clara

    1. Thanks Jana 🙂 I mixed and matched fabrics until I found a combination I liked, and was surprised that the spots was the one that looked best.

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