Bedroom Confessions – collections and curation

Wow, last week kicked my butt. Clara’s cold has lingered, and Alby was home all week, instead of his couple of days at daycare. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done around the house. I didn’t meet my 28 posts in 28 days goal, but I’m ok with that 🙂 Instead, what I have learned from the challenge I set myself is that I loooooove writing this blog, and it seems lots of people enjoy reading it, which is really fulfilling. I’ve had nearly 2000 views of TDS in February, which is unreal, and I’ve managed to do more around the house in a month than I’ve done in the last year. Needless to say, not only will TDS be continuing into the future, its going to get a facelift! Hooray!!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

Well, the final step for the shelves was to be able to fill them with treasures. Now this house will never be confused for one out of a magazine, so I’m not out to recreate any particular ‘look’. Instead, this area is purely indulgent, and a spot for me to fill with whatever I want 🙂 I have photos of the little people all over the place, and I thought that instead of making this their domain as well, I would deliberately make this a spot to celebrate all things ‘Jess’.

Yay! The finished product!
Yay! The finished product!

The first thing I actually bought just for this space was the Missoni photo frame. The coral in the middle matched our doona cover perfectly, and I like green. The second purchase, was the circle plant pot. I originally thought it would end up in the kitchen, but then I pilfered it for my own spot. The third, and final thing that I bought especially for this space, was a sugar bowl and lid from the Salvos for $2. I don’t have much jewellery, but what I do have needs to be corralled. I was looking for a lucite box, or something similar, but couldn’t find anything under $20. luckily, I found a substitute that met my tightwad needs 🙂

The family jewels. Potential robbers, I wouldn't bother.
The family jewels. Potential robbers, I wouldn’t bother.

The rest of the treasures I found just by ‘shopping at home’. The Depression Glass vase on the top shelf was a gift from my Grandparents, and I love it. The Labyrinth you’ve seen before, and I really need to find a box frame to preserve it. The New Yorker covers I picked up in March 2013 when I spent a week in NYC with my gorgeous friend Emma. They are really dodgy 3 for $10 prints I bought out the front of the Guggenheim, but they remind me of that wonderful time when for a week, PTSD couldn’t touch me.

I think we should start a pool - how long will it live?
I think we should start a pool – how long will it live?

The spider plant I just ripped out of the garden, and originally it came from Brett’s parents’ place, so another freebie! Seriously, I am such a tightarse! Speaking of which, does anyone remember Tightarse Tuesday on Triple J with Merrick and Rosso? Those were the days of radio…

The other new addition is the lamp, which is from Ikea. I love the faux-Scandi Glass look, and the lack of lampshade. it’s much less bulky than the old one, and so far I haven’t managed to knock it over! Winning!

Yooouuuuu, you light up my liiiiiiiiiffffe.....
Yooouuuuu, you light up my liiiiiiiiiffffe…..

The last thing I added to the mix was a framed engagement photo of me and the man. It was such a funny day – the photographer we hired seemed to specialise in the brooding, duckface style photo, so was quite perturbed when neither of us could keep a straight face. I think those photos capture us perfectly though, and it reminds me not to take life so seriously sometimes.

Love this guy.
Love this guy.

And there it is! One side is finished. Now to psych myself up to do the other side…

Definitely an improvement.
Definitely an improvement.

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