What a funny old weekend…

Well, with a ex-tropical cyclone, two snotty children and everything breaking at once, it probably wasn’t going to be the best of weekends. But I was wrong, because we’ve ended up having one of those good Karma days.

By the time Marcia got to us, there was just a bit of wind and rain. The only damage we suffered was to one of Alby’s sunflowers. With a frisbee-sized flower head on a thumb-width stalk, it keeled over in the first decent gust of wind.

The aircon in my car stopped working last week – ugh. Trying to get ourselves sorted for Marcia last week saw me with both children in the car, torrential rain coming in through the windows, because if they were up, the windscreen embarrassingly (and dangerously) foggy. Think Roses’s hand on the window in Titanic… Anyway, I was worried that it was going to cost $$$ to fix. I was hoping it was just a fuse (because that’s pretty much the only thing I can fix on my car), but nope. Brett got in it this afternoon and had it fixed immediately. Turns out it was switched off. Far out.

Just to top off my week, the oven blew up as well. I forgot, and made cupcakes with Alby, only to realise we couldn’t cook them. He doesn’t do disappointment well, but our neighbours came to the rescue, popping them in their oven while Alby fed their fish. Two of the hot plates were already temperamental, so this was the final straw. I had a quick look online, and we were up for about $850 for a replacement, which I was ok with. I then had a look on Gumtree just out of curiosity, and managed to find two stoves that were less than $200! We ended up paying $170 for a barely used stove that included a fan forced oven, which I’m stoked about. I’ll give the sparky a call in the morning, and fingers crossed it will get installed early this week.

All in all, a weekend that promised to be a pain in the butt came good 🙂


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