Weekend adventures and critiquing photos – in the garden

It might sound counter-intuitive, but I try and cram as much into our weekends as possible. There’s no such thing as rest and relaxation when you have a busy almost-3 year old. Usually we try and go exploring somewhere, but this weekend we decided to stay and home and work in the garden instead.

The western side of our house is a bit sad. It is the landing spot for the grandparents’ caravan and camper trailer, so the grass is often in less than peak condition. Because it needs to be accessible for the caravan/camper, we can’t really add any additional garden beds or large plants (although, when we get sick of visitors, we could plant some cacti…). This is also where our veranda is, and the little people’s slide is further up on the grass.

I'm pretty sure the darker green patches has something to do with Brett...
I’m pretty sure the darker green patches has something to do with Brett…

The conditions are also pretty challenging for any plants in the existing garden bed. It’s pretty narrow (about 30 cm), and the garage slab comes about half way out, about 15 com below the surface. It also cops all the western sun, and has the thermal mass of the brick garage wall, ruling out any plans that are too delicate. Maybe cacti are a good option after all!

Anyway, the boys got in there this morning while Clara and I oversaw the works. First job was to try and deal with the hydrophobia of the soil (grey sand in reality) with some very diluted dishwashing liquid (low phosphate).


Alby then ensured the area was well watered. Boys and hoses, match made in heaven.


Then it needed more watering.


Brett somehow managed to dig in a heap of compost between deluges. Finally, a layer of lucerne went on, some by hand, and some trucked in.


Now we just need to decide what to put in. I’m thinking native paper daisies and some kind of grass. Oregano seems to thrive here too, so I think we’ll pop that in as a ground cover. I know what we’ll be doing next weekend 🙂

Oh the untapped potential of a freshly composted and mulched garden bed!
Oh the untapped potential of a freshly composted and mulched garden bed!

This week my thinking about photography has been focused on Photoshop. I discovered a new tool today – the photo filter. I used the warming filter (85) on these images, and I think it looks lovely! I think I’ve found a new favourite.


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