Thinking Thursday – Going back to school (or TAFE)

I finished my Masters in 2013 and vehemently said “No more study!”. While I was mid-recovery and not really enjoying being back in the classroom, Paul, my therapist, encouraged me to consider doing a PhD. Ha! No thank you very much.

I’ve always loved learning, and it’s often been the thing that has got me out of a rut. I have had some great opportunities at my new school to do different things, and I thought I add to my repertoire while I’m on maternity leave. I guess because I have a background in eLearning, I ended up with a couple of media classes. I love teaching media, but I am very much self taught. I really enjoy it though, so I’ve decided to complete a Cert III in Media. My school is offering a Cert II in Creative Industries for the first time this year, so fingers crossed, in 2016 I’ll end up with more media, and less of the things that I’m finding less inspiring.

What I love most about media is its inherent creativity. I think a lot of opportunity for creativity in curriculum and assessment has been lost in subjects that are now so heavily influenced by standardised testing and data analysis, so hopefully this will bring a breath of fresh air to my career in the classroom.

I’m also really excited to be gaining an extra medium through which to be creative myself. There’s nothing like letting your mind run free, and hoping your hands can keep up.

creativity quote


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